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Dear BSL Residents, Families, and Friends,


Join the BSL Ski Club as we host a fundraiser with The Milwaukee Pretzel Company.  

The Covid 19 Virus has limited our fundraising efforts, and fundraising dollars supports the purchase of new equipment for our growing team, repairs and maintenance of equipment, costumes and so much more.

The Milwaukee Pretzel Company will give back 50% of the revenues to our club.  What a great way to help us continue our efforts in teaching the fundaments of skiing, water safety, and leadership, all while having fun on the water.

Please consider ordering some pretzels for yourself, your family or friends.  Don’t forget you can also gift pretzels and all orders are shipped directly to you.  Each order costs $10 to ship directly to the purchaser.

We suggest you combine family/friend/neighbor orders to ship to one place if you don't mind distributing the pretzels yourself. However, please keep in mind, the pretzels need to be unpacked and consumed or frozen upon receipt to ensure the freshness. They can be frozen up to six months! Please be aware of this when placing orders for family/friends if you plan to deliver them. They will need to be delivered within 24 hours or frozen until you can get them where they are going. 

Fill out the form below and return with your payment by April 9th.  Checks can be made payable to: 


BSL Ski Club 


Attn: Karin Marcus 

W1268 South Shore Drive

Palmyra, WI 53156


Pretzels will be shipped 2 weeks after the order is placed.  


Karin Marcus at 414-688-0912 or with any questions.


With Gratitude,

Karin Marcus

BSL Fundraising Chair

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