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The Blue Spring Lake Ski Club has been reintroduced in 2012 picking up where its predecessors left off some 30 years ago. Originally created in the 1950’s, its purpose was to promote the sport of water skiing, water safety and good sportsmanship, to oppose legislation unfriendly to skiers and boat owners, to oppose pollution of recreational waters, to develop fraternal spirit between segments of water sportsmen and to do all other things which will further interest in water skiing.

Things haven’t changed much since the club’s original inception.  With the new towables and watercraft available today, the need for safety, education, and respect are even more necessary.  

Our Mission:
- Teach and promote boat and water sport safety
- Learn and teach proper skiing techniques
- Build leadership, confidence and physical skills
- Develop lasting friendships
- Provide a fun and safe environment through the love of water sports
- Put on some great exhibitions to inspire another generation of skiers

The BSL Ski Club is a 501c3 non-profit organization made up of Blue Spring Lake residents. This is an incredible life expereince opportunity for kids of all ages. They learn a variety of skills that will help them for the rest of their lives.  They learn leadership, organization, communication, diplomacy, sales, and showmanship.  There is adult management, supervision, and involvement with regards to boat driving and mentoring an overall organization.  We have adult mentors who were original BSL Ski Club members as well as professional show skiers and certified drivers from other clubs in the area.

Our Community:

Blue Spring Lake is located in Palmyra, WI - the heart of the Southern Kettle Moraine.  It is a 133 acre man-made lake fed by the historic Blue Spring.  There are 214 residents within our community.  They are made up of year-round residents and vacationers.  It’s a close-knit family community with multiple generations of property ownership.

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